Split/Multi-Split System Airconditioning

Split system airconditioners can come as one of two types. Single split system or a multi-split system.


Features of a Single Split Airconditioner:

  • One indoor unit connects to one outdoor unit

  • A great single room or open plan heating/cooling solution

  • Installation does not require more comlicated ductwork (in the roof)

  • Affordable pricing for what is called 'single zone' climate control

  • Capacity is generally from 2.5kw up to 9kw


Features of a Multi Split Airconditioner:

  • A single outdoor unti may connect to several indoor units

  • Provides multiple zone climate control and mutliple room temperature settings via multiple single indoor units

  • You can customise your indoor unit according to style and capacity, depending on your residential setting.

  • Capacity dependent on the number of indoor units to be served

The Single or Multi Split Airconditioners may come with special Inverter Technology to create a more energy efficient cooling or heating system.

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